Allison Atkey tailors her style to each individual project.   For large projects, she adapts to an organization’s existing methodology.   For smaller projects in organizations unfamiliar with project management, she uses a less formal approach.

Whether she starts at the beginning, or part-way through a project, Allison first gets the answers that show her the big picture – overall goals, who is involved, and how they will be affected.   Then she works with key team members to develop the details.

As the project progresses, Allison helps management to make informed decisions by ensuring they understand both the impact of their choices and the risks involved.

Sample Projects

  • Project Management Mentor for several equipment installation and safety projects at a manufacturing plant.
  • Project Manager for several projects at an aerospace parts repair and manufacturing company.
  • Project Manager for change management and training implementing a new application at a large insurance company.
  • Project Manager for high speed Internet and digital cable product launches.
  • Project Manager for implementation of the payroll/HR system at a major hospital.
  • Project Management Mentor assessing and coaching project managers at an international computer company.
  • Project Manager during development of a bill paying application.
  • Consultant for creating and implementing a new project management methodology at a marketing board.
  • Project Control Officer integrating system use across the Canadian divisions of a multinational corporation.
  • Process Project Manager for initiation of a project to install a new merchandise management system in a large retailer.